Gardening Tips – September 2023

  Viburnum, an evergreen shrub with fine textured foliage and fragrant flowers, makes an excellent foundation planting.   Viburnum is an underutilized shrub or small tree. Evidence of being found sincethe Bronze Age, Viburnums consist of clusters of white or pink flowers andproduce berries. The flowers reportedly represent pride. Most are said to be non-toxic to …

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October 2016 – Gardening Tips

Callicarpa Americana Callicarpa americana, is also known as American beautyberry or French Mulberry. It is a native plant to southeastern United States. French mulberry or American beautyberry is a member of the Verbena family. Known for it’s colorful berries, American beautyberry has clusters of pink flowers which are inconspicuous and bloom in late summer followed …

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