Gardening Tips – October 2023

  Pollinator Gardening is gaining popularity as more gardeners begin to embrace practices that support wildlife habitats in their home landscape.   Many plants rely on various animals to transfer pollen from flower to flower.Pollinators include many types of insects, bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, waspssome flies and Hummingbirds. Plants produce showy flowers to attract pollinatorsto …

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Community Outreach – NOBG Butterfly Garden

  Experience the miracle of metamorphosis in the Butterfly Garden at the New Orleans Botanical Garden Starting in 1854, when the land was donated to the City, the park began its own metamorphosis.  It struggled through the Great Depression and several hurricanes, most significantly three feet of water from Katrina in 2005.  But this tiny parcel of …

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Gardening Tips – September 2023

  Viburnum, an evergreen shrub with fine textured foliage and fragrant flowers, makes an excellent foundation planting.   Viburnum is an underutilized shrub or small tree. Evidence of being found sincethe Bronze Age, Viburnums consist of clusters of white or pink flowers andproduce berries. The flowers reportedly represent pride. Most are said to be non-toxic to …

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'Cora Cascade White'

Gardening Tips – August 2023

  Vincas … prolific blooms, excellent container spiller, thrives in heat   Catharanthus roseus, (also known as, Vinca roseus & Madagascar Periwinkle) is native to Madagascar. Also known as Rose Periwinkle, Cape Periwinkle, or Annual Vinca. Vinca is a annual but tender perennial used as an ornamental. It is a showy bedding plant and makes a good container, …

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Gardening Tips – July 2023

  Salvias … Color, Fragrance and Pollinators for the Summer Garden   Mystic Spires (improved), Salvia 'Balsalmisp&#39, replaced old Mystic Spires. This perennial is more compact, sturdy, dark-green leafed plant. Has free-flowering, bright true blue flower spikes which hold blooms longer than old mystic spires and hides its dead flowers better. Bloom time from early …

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