In Bloom – Chinese Witch Hazel

The iconic pink or white blossoms of the evergreen Chinese witch hazel are abundant in NOLA landscapes in early spring.  Here are a few varieties you may want to consider.

Also known as Loropetalum, Chinese fringe flower or strap flower is an evergreen shrub and can be a small tree with a mature size 6-10ft X 5ft. Native to China, Southeat Asia and Japan. There are newer, more compact versions available. The pink flowering, Loropetalum with burgundy or green foliage that we are familiar with is striking in appearance, and a white flowering version.


Loropetalum has an upright, erect form, early flowering with multiple stems. used as an accent specimen, espalier, small evergreen tree or hedge. The flowers are thin, strap-like or ribbon like petals, pink or creamy-white colors. Blooms spring and summer, occasionally during other seasons. The leaves are evergreen, and purple-burgundy or green, adding color through the year and especially providing fall interest.



‘Red Diamond’
Loropetalum Chinense
Photo by Karen Blackburn, master gardener

Loropetalum can be planted anytime of the year, preferable November-March is
less stressful as more water is required if planted during hotter months. Plant in full
sunlight to part shade in well-drained but moist soil that is slightly acidic. The
leaves will yellow in alkaline soil. Small plants grow horizontally and begin to
grow more lateral and tree-like once established. Blooms more profusely as the
plants become older at the 4-to-5-year age. This is a fast-growing shrub and is
short lived compared to other shrubs. Prune out old center canes occasionally to
encourage growth. Older plants are subject to root rot. No pest or disease problems on this shrub.



Dan Gill Horticulturist, LSU AgCenter (retired) recommends fertilizing Loropetalum in February using ½ cup of fertilizer for large plants and less for smaller specimens. Water deeply every 3 to 4 weeks during hotter months and every 3-6 weeks at other times. Mulching is recommended to help maintain moisture.


‘Jazz Hands White’
Loropetalum Chinense
Photo by Karen Blackburn, master gardener

Some recommended varieties but not limited:


  • ‘Burgundy’ 6-10 ft x 6-10 ft luminous pink flowers, colorful foliage
  • ‘Razzleberri’ 4-6 ft x 4-5 ft, burgundy leaves age green, raspberry pink
  • ‘Purple Pixiel’ dwarf weeping, 1-2 ft tall pink flowers with dark leaves
  • ‘Jazz Hands dwarf white’ 4-6 ft tall white blooms; green foliage
  • ‘Rubrum’ 4-6 ft x 4-6 ft rosy, pink flowers, purple foliage ages green
  • ‘Plum Delight’ reaches 8 ft with red foliage and flowers

By Karen Blackburn

Master Gardener of Greater New Orleans



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