In Bloom

In Bloom – Hydrangea

For generations, hydrangeas have been favored by New Orleans gardeners for the magnificent blooms that create a focal point in our summer landscape. Today many new varieties exist that tolerate more sun and allow more flexibility in growing these deciduous shrubs. Here’s an overview of some popular hydrangeas. Photo: ‘Penny Mac’ Hydrangea macrophylla by Karen […]

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In Bloom – Louisiana Iris

Louisiana irises reach their peak visibility in April with many outstanding viewing opportunities in public and private gardens throughout New Orleans and surrounding parishes.  Learn how to identify and grow our iconic State wildflower and Louisiana Super Plant. Photo: ‘Ann Chowning’ by Karen Blackburn The Louisiana iris offers a wide variety of flower colors, blue,

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In Bloom – Japanese Magnolia

No plant signals the approach of spring in New Orleans more beautifully than the Japanese magnolia.  In late winter this deciduous plant transforms into a canopy of fragrant pink/white/purple blooms, a reminder that longer days and warm-season gardening is near.   Japanese magnolia blooms late winter to spring. This small deciduous tree is multi branched and

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In Bloom – Camellia japonica

The colors are extraordinary of this reliable hardy shrub that blooms throughout the cool-season in New Orleans.  Let’s get acquainted with the Camellia japonica. Camelia japonica is in bloom now and may be planted during this time, Camellias (Camellia japonica) begin to bloom in November and continue through the winter until spring. Camellia japonica is

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