Spotlight Cynthia Miranda

Cynthia Miranda, MGGNO Class of 2018, is the project lead for the Louisiana Super Plant Project at City Park since 2019. She is also a member of Longue Vue and the Native Plant Initiative. And in 2022, Cynthia’s garden became a LA Certified Habitat

Master Gardener Spotlight: Cynthia Miranda

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a retired nurse with 25 years of experience in hospitals and 20 years in medical sales. I enjoy my time in the garden, with family, and with friends.


What inspired you to become a Master Gardener?

I was choosing an organization of professionals, which provided certification of garden knowledge, volunteer projects and continuing education which enhance my personal garden.


What do you love to learn about the most in gardening?

I love how native plants contribute to our ecosystem and support our insects and birds with beauty and purpose in our landscapes.


What MGGNO memories do you cherish the most?

Gold level certification from LA Certified Habitat Program.

2nd Place for Best Educational Booth at 2022 Spring Garden Show

The success of the LA Super Plant Garden. I am proud of the progression of the garden and its great team.


What gives you the most satisfaction about gardening?

Having beneficial plants properly situated so less water or fertilization is needed. It is very satisfying to harvest seeds, propagate, establish healthy plants, and share with friends and family.

What is your favorite plant and why?

Pollinator plants, especially those that host butterflies and hummingbirds. Red and purple are my best loved flower colors. Salvia, spigelia, and gomphrena at the top of my list. Go natives!


How do you earn volunteer hours?

I volunteer weekly at Longue Vue Gardens, LSP project and prior to Hurricane Ida, was at Delgado Greenhouse. I promote native plants and volunteer with NPI projects.

Photos by Sandy Pitre

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